Basic Finance

N3 Services is not a financial advisor and cannot provide details on how each person should run their financial life.

We can only share our experiences in the hope that each person visiting this page can take some of this information and apply it to their personal life in the hopes to make it better.


Here is the background on where I have come in my financial journey.  I hope that you can find pieces that relate to you and you can apply to your personal life.

Growing up I was lucky enough to never really need a budget or plan what I was going to spend.  Even as an adult it wasn’t that difficult.  I typically paid cash for what I wanted and if I didn’t have the money, then I waited.  As I started growing my family I was lucky enough to get better jobs, but the biggest problem came from my expenses that grew faster than I had expected.  I realized I needed a better plan than I had.  I needed a budget.

I started small and did some simple financial analysis, I created a budget, then I took another step further and created a plan that helps me every day, every week, and every month.  I want to share the plan that helped and hope it helps you too.