Friends and Family

N3 Services is a family first business.  Therefore, it makes sense that we have people in our extended family that have other business and fit other niches in today’s society.  We hope that if you can’t find what you are looking for with us that you take a look at our friends and family next.

US MedClinic

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Family Medicine: US MedClinic offers comprehensive Family Medicine. We provide wellness exams, yearly exams, and treat a variety of chronic medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as offer immunizations. We offer same day sick visits for children, teenagers, and adults alike. On site blood and specimen collections give us the capability to perform a wide range of laboratory tests in addition to the wide variety of procedures available including X-ray, EKG, and spirometry.

Dermatology: US MedClinic is proud to offer a wide range of dermatology services from biopsy and excisions to medical treatment for a wide variety of dermatology conditions like eczema, acne, skin tags, skin cancers, etc. With onsite microscopy, we can look at a variety of rashes and skin scrapings to accurately diagnose mites, fungal, and bacterial infections.

Procedures: US MedClinic is proud to offer a wide range of minor outpatient surgical and medical procedures: Ear wax removal, Abscess and fluid drainage, skin excisions, biopsies, lump and bump excisions, laceration repairs, steroid joint and tissue injections, and fracture management are just a handful of the procedures our staff with decades of medical experience can handle.

Sigma 6 Medical

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Decades of billing, coding, and operational experience paired with advanced technology and healthcare expertise help
Sigma 6 Medical solve our clients’ most difficult problems. This results in maximized profits and improved clinical outcomes.


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Easy & Affordable Labs:

With 24/7 access to your patient portal, you can order tests, review prior results, or submit a question from wherever you are, on most digital web-enabled devices.

GoodLabz offers a wide range of custom lab tests at up to 80% pricing discounts compared to other lab service and medical providers.

Life is busy! GoodLabz helps you order labs from the comfort of your home or on the go, all while saving $$$.

Contact for any questions 404-436-0009 or

Sara Capital Group

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Sara Capital Group is a full-service provider of Real Estate solutions for properties located in multicultural markets throughout the Southeastern United States. Sara Capital Group offers a wide variety of services that include acquisition and disposition, repositioning, property management, landlord representation, investment sales, tenant representation, and advisory services. 

Sara Capital Group purpose is to build strong and lasting relationships with their clients, ensuring 100% satisfaction with all their real estate projects.