Collaboration Tools are critical for your team(s) to work together digitally with each other and the community you support.  N3 will help you implement and utilize your tools effectively.

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Tools and Partners

  • Microsoft 365 Suite - Microsoft provides one of the largest collaboration tool collections available today.  It is more than just email and Office applications.  Let us help explore the products that can make you more successful and integrate into your new or existing platform.
  • Artec-IT Archival - Artec-IT's flagship product, EMA, provides real-time archival of email data.  This allows you to have a real-time backup, but also serve as a platform for data rentention and e-discovery needs.  They provide a number of addtional tools for data archival if you have additional needs.
  • Veeam O365 Backup - Veeam's O365 backup tool provides an off-site backup protection for your O365 data with custom retention and individual item restore capabilities.